In November of 2011, a mother in Nova Scotia comes home to work to find her daughter on the kitchen floor, rocking and sobbing. Leah stood in the kitchen doorway listening to her teenage daughter Rehtaeh disclose the events of a sexual assault, the events as she could remember them.

Rehtaeh could vaguely remember the digital shutter click of a cell phone at some point that night, but she didn’t find out until earlier that day, at school, that a photo was taken by one of the boys and it was being texted and forwarded through the school.

The photo was of one of the boys engaged in a sexual act with Rehtaeh as Rehtaeh was leaning out an open window throwing up. Rehtaeh was nude from the waist down and the boy in the picture flashing a thumbs up to the camera.

This assault and photograph sparked a chain of events that changed the family forever.

Music by Blue Dot Sessions